Friday, April 6


Condo sends AG devious response -

The Port Condo in Fort Lauderdale has agreed to let Laurie Richter have her mezuzah, but their board manager, Keith Mullarkey, has apparently succeeded thus far in evading compliance with Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum's other requirements.

:: By Joe Kollin ::
-- SF Sun-Sentinel --


"Imagine leaving Stalag 13 with a
lucky bag and thanking Mr Hitler."

-- Richard Littlejohn's
reaction to recents events.

# 'Iranian designed' bomb that killed
British soldiers 'had not been seen before.'

# *The 7/7 suicide bombers planned a devastating strike on Big Ben and Buckingham Palace before they blew themselves up on London's transport network... killing 52 and injuring nearly 1,000.* [TiL]


Thursday, April 5


Earlier this evening, I happened to catch the dinnertime edition of BBC World news program instead of the midnight edition. Kirsty (what a surprise, seeing her!) was presenting. One segment was magnificent: it was about Saad Eskandar and his library in Iraq. Although I watch on a small 5" B+W portable set on my kitchen counter which does not afford color, the production values alone of this segment were very good quality, including the montage, the background music, and all the rest.

Sometimes you don't have to lecture people because the facts speak for themselves, as in this program segment. A memorable quote from Mr Eskandar:

"This day will be always remembered, as the day when books were assassinated by the forces of darkness, hatred and fanaticism."

I strongly believe this segment, as a standalone piece, compels wider distribution. More people, I am convinced, should to see it. And I would urge the BBC to offer it to other networks in the U.S. and elsewhere. It could be shown, for example, on CBS Sunday Morning program or even on ABC Nightline.

:: The Diary of Saad Eskandar ::
-- courtesy of the British Library --


Ever since it was reported that the primary suspect in the Lindsay Ann Hawker murder case had piles of of manga material in his apartment, it has been suggested that he may have been acting out a scene from a manga story.

Thus, it was only a matter of time before the inevitable second shoe dropped: a devoted manga fan would feel compelled to defend the medium. And here he is:

:: Ned Beauman ::
-- at The Guardian --


# BBC World Have Your Say:
Reactions to the British sailors being freed.

# Good graphic of incident locations.

# Some Questions Raised:
What did Iran get for the Gulf 15? [TFP]

# Dance Macabre: Article about and pictures of a mob of Iraqis celebrating the death of four British soldiers in a roadside bomb by parading the victims' helmets and equipment. [TiL]

# Locked Up:
An unusual Crime Story
from the Cotswolds. [G.Echo]


Wednesday, April 4


Salam Adil dispatches his periodic Iraqi Blog Roundup which, this edition, includes the big news about the Star Academy TV show:

Shatta, the Iraqi gal, won!

Nibras Kazimi asserts that she has reinforced Iraqi identity... And the Prez quotes ITM blog... And more. [GV]


Stalked Another -

*The Japanese man suspected of murdering Lindsay Hawker stalked another British woman teacher last year, scaring her so much she fled the country, it emerged yesterday... police sources said the phones of all his relatives and known friends were being monitored in case he tried to make contact... They are concerned he will have time to change his appearance and that he will kill again.*

-- Excerpts from:
:: This is London ::


# The 15 British sailors
held by Iran have been freed.

# *Prosecutors in the Phil Spector murder case have asked a judge to allow testimony from a one-time girlfriend who said the record producer pointed a gun at her head in two separate incidents decades ago.*


Dorothy Downer sends you
sour regards to ruin your holiday...

Rick from Stuck on the Palmetto Blog points us to an article at the NYTimes about Jewish culture in Miami Beach. I have come to dislike that publication, and increasingly so in recent years; consequently, I do not read it generally. The article was written by Abby Goodnough and, we have to presume, it was supervised and authorized by a senior editor there. Here's how the article ends:

Filmmakers and writers still call her to say they want to document Jewish culture in Miami Beach, Ms. Zerivitz said.

"I get calls like that all the time, especially from California and up east," she said. "I say: 'Sorry, you’re many, many years too late. There’s nothing left.'"

Just because the NYTimes states something as fact, does that make it true? Most certainly not.

There are two points I wish to address here:
-1) Is this true?
-2) And what is the purpose of this article?

First, it is not true that "there's nothing left." One of the most eminent Jewish writers of the past generation which has died was Isaac Bashevis Singer who lived for many years in New York City and then moved in his later years to Miami Beach. He left many novels, interviews, and other works behind which are immortal. They still exist in public libraries and book stores and in many institutions. He taught at the University of Miami and has left former students behind as part of his legacy. Among other things, he was awarded a Nobel Prize for Literature. His work does not constitute "nothing." Every generation lives, gets old and dies in the natural course of events. But to contend that the previous generation which has died, has left nothing behind as far as culture, is counterfeit history and a twisted form of revisionist history.

Second, what possible purpose does this article have? It is designed to make Jewish people feel bad at the beginning of the Passover celebration. And it is a despicable lie.

Just disregard their malicious gesture; and have a happy holiday anyway.

Incidentally, if you're looking for contemporary novels to read this spring of that genre, there are two scheduled to debut soon which have been touted as outstanding: The Yiddish Policemen's Union by Chabon and The Ministry of Special Cases by Englander. Accuracy of spelling and details for them, not guaranteed off the top of my head.

:: Stuck on the Palmetto /perma ::
-- Shtetl by the Sea --


Tuesday, April 3


New quango proposed to centralize tech ventures in a showcase to attract investors, using North Carolina's Research Triangle Park as an example.

''We don't want to have the next Google created in South Florida, and then have a Silicon Valley venture fund finance it and move it to Silicon Valley. We need to keep our intellectual capital here instead of exporting it.''

State Sen. Jeremy Ring, a Margate Democrat is sponsoring the Bill 2420. From 1995 to 2001 he was an executive at Yahoo. [MH]


# Bill Gelin at JAABlawg points us to the latest skinny on Judge Larry Seidlin: he's been huddling with the same group of TV producers who produce The Judge Alex Show starring former Miami-Dade Judge Alex Ferrer. [jab]

# And from Legal Blog Watch: Debra Opri's bill sent to Larry Birkhead (from the Anna Nicole Smith Case) "serves as a template for what lawyers shouldn't do when invoicing clients." [lbw]

# Two eighth-graders in Tampa were arrested on charges they tried to poison their teacher by pouring a fabric freshener into her soda... They were charged with poisoning, a first-degree felony. [MH]


A private investigator, just like Jim Rockford on TV, has gone missing in the Persian Gulf area around Kish Island while on a confidential assignment.

*U.S. citizens are not barred from traveling to Iran but must obtain a visa, although Kish Island is a Persian Gulf resort area and free-trade zone for which no Iranian visa is required.*

He's from Broward County in southern Florida and has been helping an author who is writing a book about the colorful history of a criminal convicted in the U.S. who was subsequently granted asylum in Iran.

:: AP via TBO ::


This week starts out with
outrageous news from Topix,
because, far as I know, here in the U.S. it is illegal to volunteer to be a slave. These 3 MSM companies, listed below, demand 22% profit margin, their CEOs get millions of dollars compensation a year, and they're calling for uncompensated "volunteers." Sounds like a new form of slavery to me. And, although I'm not a lawyer, it sounds essentially illegal. Read on and decide for yourself...

# "Topix, jointly majority-owned by Gannett, Tribune and McClatchy, is migrating the site from the .net domain to The site will also get a significant change of focus from being a news search engine with comments/discussions, to a citizen-journalism news site, which will also have news search as part of it." [Rafat Ali]

# "Topix is a Palo Alto, Calif.-based company 75 percent controlled by Gannett Co., McClatchy Co. and Tribune Co."

# McClatchy CEO's total compensation in 2006 was $5.6M. Tribune CEO FitzSimons expected to get $21.3M from Zell deal. [RoPo]

# The Tribune Co. is going private in a deal with tycoon Sam Zell that will give shareholders $34 a share in a two-stage transaction... [E&P]

# Topix Blog :: perma ::


Sunday, April 1


# AUTHORS HERE: A feature piece about the
current trend in writers' websites by Tom Cox.

# The London Book Fair takes place from
Mon April 16th to Wed April 18th 2007.

Carolynne Wheeler reviews Hamas TV.


# BATHTUB KILLER: Detectives are trying to piece together a picture of Tatsuya Ichihashi, the unemployed loner, who is suspected of killing Lindsay Ann Hawker, a young British language teacher.

*Inside his flat, police found piles of manga comic books, containing graphic images of sex and violence.*

Nicely written piece by Julian Ryall and Robert Booth; contains intriguing new details.

# SNIPPED: Paul Stokes writes: "A spectacular avenue of daffodils has been decapitated in a devastating overnight raid on a village."

# SELF-DEFENSE: It may sound like a device from an ancient saga, but the city of Irbil in the Kurdish north of Iraq is defending itself with a big moat or trench. And many Christian Iraqis are seeking refuge there.