Thursday, April 23


Banned by Mountain View . . .

It has come to my attention that
my blog is being banned on Google Blog Search.

I don't know why. Perhaps someone submitted a phony complaint that I am posting porn or racist material. In any case, if you want to find my blog now, you have to go the European route via Wikio. Several other aggregators also list my blog. I think Google has finally become too big.

For several months, looking for blogs on Google Blog Search was a frustrating experience because a lot of spam blogs for Real Estate etc were crowding out legitimate blogs. Then, they seemed to have eliminated most of those spam blogs. Instead, what we find now are a lot of Pseudo Blogs from Mainstream Media crowding out legitimate blogs. The whole process has deteriorated into a sham and mostly a waste of time.

I've heard of being blocked in other countries by foreign governments, but when it happens right here in the United States, it's weird.

Well, you can't argue with a computer robot.

Try to use a work-around. And I apologize
for any inconvenience this may cause you.


Mez: FIXED STARE (3#) -

Meredith Kercher Murder -

Court proceedings opened today in Perugia with lovers Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito both chewing gum whilst grinning, gurning and mouthing messages to each other.

Ah, love your magic spell is everywhere... Apparently, the two are still quite enthralled with each other.

Video was presented which showed Meredith's bloody face with her eyes wide open. Knox reacted with a frown and then covered her eyes.

Much more in the articles,
mostly forensic, in today's session.

:: Richard Owen - [BBC] - [Nick Pisa]


Writing: COP BLOG (2#) -

Nightjack has won the Orwell writing prize
for his online journal of an English detective.

It's the first time the prize has been awarded to a blog.

:: citation :: - - - :: Nightjack ::


Wednesday, April 22

Iraq: GETTING WIRED (3#) -

Can Communication Technologies
improve their Quality of Life?

Geeks junket to Baghdad, Steven Levy reports.

They're using hashtag #iraqtech on Twitter.

Salam Pax in Baghdad is tweeting about it, too.

More below follows these links:

:: Levy :: - - - :: Salam ::

Smuggled covert mobile phone video of Chaand's flogging in Swat "shook Pakistan when it penetrated the blogosphere." Tale of its path to the public, as posted in Afghanistan.


Tuesday, April 21

SoFlo: NEWSIES (4#) -

Old and New Media sometimes
make nice and sometimes don't . . .

A University of Miami visual journalism professor will launch a hyper-local community news site for Coconut Grove with a collaborative angle. The project has won a funding grant and support from the Knight Foundation's New Voices program. Congrads!

# Uh-oh: Hallandale Beach Blogger wants information about the Mayor's e-mail recipients. City Commissioners are hiring an attorney to block the blogger. Legal battle ahead.

# SS Chief Editor Earl Maucker
unmuzzled and off the leash again:

"If the newspapers aren't around
to fight for that information, who will?

The bloggers? Please."

Why go out of your way to
antagonize and insult readers?

Follow the conversation
on the comment thread.


Monday, April 20


This is the tenth anniversary
of the Columbine HS shootings . . .

The boys who committed the shootings wore long black coats similar to those worn in The Matrix movie which was released at the end of March 1999 - its US opening weekend is listed as April 4th.

Klebold and Harris were immersed in games like Doom, a first-person shooter computer game. Cyberpunk culture features advanced technology coupled with a breakdown in the social order of a dystopia.

The Matrix movie makes many connections to Simulacra and Simulation, but in an interview, Baudrillard claimed that The Matrix misunderstands and distorts his work.

Some interpretations of The Matrix movie consider it to be an allegory for contemporary experience in a heavily commercialized, media-driven society.


Sunday, April 19

Bookish: SILK MIX - (6#) -

This year's London Book Fair
features contemporary Indian writing.

# "Balle!" Safe-cracking, danger and betrayal: An entertaining Hindi pulp crime thriller from Blaft, The 65 Lakh Heist by Surender Mohan Pathak, is reviewed by Chandrahas Choudhury who gives high marks to the translator.

# Book Picks include the memoirs of
a high-flying but decadent yuppie in Beijing.

# Brief essay by Tabish Khair about writing genre
and an announcement about a new writing prize.

# A profile of publisher Barney Rosset from NPR.

# Comic Sans typeface - pro and con by Emily Steel.