Saturday, February 13

Tech Notes (7#) -

A lot of chatter on the net lately about . . .

privacy, freedom to communicate,
and the blockage of communications.

As we shift our communications increasingly to telcom and cyberspace, if only due to suburban sprawl, people are becoming more concerned with managing their space and establishing boundaries within which they can feel comfortable and safe.

# 4chan's "moot" addresses the TED
conference and advocates for Anonymity.

# Google's new feature called Buzz seems to have some privacy issues that people have been pointing out. For example: one women has an abusive ex-husband.

# For Free - or is it?
Jo Wade has been examining the
real cost of "free" information at the BBC.

# The VoA, BBC and DW have accused
Iran of jamming their satellite broadcasts.

# How can Iran block Google?

# 22 Bahman from sources inside Tehran.

# White Hat Hacker
"Mudge" is going to work for DARPA.


Wednesday, February 10

Iran: Discord May Occur (4#) -

On February 11th, Iran marks
the 31st anniversary of the Islamic revolution.

Many people are reporting an Iranian communications blockade in advance of Thursday's regime anniversary and expected protest demonstrations.

# Hey, Cambridge!

# Communication services disrupted.

# Iran's war against Twitter.

We are going into a cold snap during the overnight
here in South Florida. Temps are expected to dip
below 50F. Some kind of craziness may erupt in Iran.


Mez: A Hard Copy (2#) -

Meredith Kercher Murder Case -

Galley Cat reports that TDB's new publishing imprint will debut Barbie Latza Nadeau's true crime opus about the murder case in Perugia in an affordable paperback format on April 6th.

It's called Angel Face: The Real
Story of Student Killer Amanda Knox.

E-Book readers can get a head start
on it - if they prefer - on March 19th.

Tina Brown's Beast Books imprint is a partnership with the Perseus Group which will format, print and distribute the product.


Tuesday, February 9

When Murder
is Merely Typing (3#) -

This Bombshell Just In . . .

Julie Brown's investigative journalism on the unsolved murder of Ben Novack Jr at The Miami Herald newspaper was an uncredited source of material used by Gerald Posner for his article on that case at TDB recently.

:: Press Box by Jack Shafer ::

Local Coverage:

:: SFla Lawyers Blog :: - - - :: Riptide ::


Bookish: Crooked Paths (5#) -

The Bookbite Project . . .

A campaign for "silver scribblers" is being launched in the UK. Writers over 60 years old are being encouraged to develop their interest in creative writing.

:: BBC article :: - - - :: Bookbite ::

# Wallander fans may want to read Andrew Brown's review of The Man from Beijing by Henning Mankell at The Guardian. The heroine lives about 50 miles from Kurt Wallander in Sweden.

# "It's part science fiction and part action
thriller, and the mix works. I liked this book a lot... "

:: Tim Redmond reviews Mariposa by Greg Bear.

# A blog discussion about Crime Fiction Best Lists.