Friday, March 5

Boar Hunt Begins -

"nuisance wild pigs" - Not!

Hunters caught one of the
wild boars before daybreak.

Who the hunters were or what
official authorization they had is unknown.

The 200-pound captured boar was shown on TV this morning. It was dark brown or black with coarse hair, large fangs, and some starter tusks.

These animals must have been stocked on that property by sportsmen for hunting purposes before the housing development was built there.

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Thursday, March 4

Mez: Judges'
Report Issued (2#) -

Meredith Kercher Murder Case -

Nick Pisa reports . . .
that a 427-page explanation
of the verdict has been released.

No doubt, much discussion will follow.

Meanwhile, some folks who've arrived late, may
want to refer to an earlier blog entry I posted
on this case, called Fresh Eyes from 2008.
It is about the concept of an acte gratuit.

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Wednesday, March 3

Wayward Luggage (3#) -

Angels With Dirty Wings . . .

A glamorous Latina lingerie model is wanted on an international arrest warrant. The voluptuous (see photo) 30-year-old beauty, Angie Sanselmente Valencia, is accused of running a cocaine empire which smuggled the illegal drug into the U.S. and Europe. [TFP]

Closer to home, Federal agents seized 171 pounds of cocaine from the luggage carousel at Fort Lauderdale Airport on Sunday. The estimated street value of this haul was about $1.5 million.

* * * * * *
They met on an Internet Chat Line, but when the guy arrived at the motel rendezvous, he was robbed and then discovered that his date was a transvestite.


Trib Blog Problems -

Uh-oh . . .

The Tribune in Chicago, parent of the Sun-Sentinel
newspaper, had been trying to construct a network
of local blogs, but has encountered some problems,
as Mike Doyle explains. And it's a cautionary tale.

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Tuesday, March 2

Catching Up With (2#) -

The Wallander movie was broadcast beginning at midnight here on the East Coast. The run time was supposed to be 2 hours, but the air time turned out to be only one and a half hours. Either there a mistake or they cut a half hour out of the movie for us. They announced that next week they would present My Friend Maigret.

# Another noteworthy item: PEJ issued a new study about how Americans are getting news. The newspapers are not going to be happy with it because they got used to having a near-monopoly over their territories as Metro-Regionals.

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