Saturday, September 29

Different Wavelengths (3#) -

Scooped or Swooped?

Associated Press broke the embargo on the new Rowling book by producing a review on Wednesday ahead of the publisher's official debut date. Poynter has posted a discussion about the practice of these embargoes.

In an update, Poynter informs us that AP never agreed to the publisher's embargo in the first place and, therefore, didn't violate it. There are some interesting comments there in reaction to this story and plenty of links as well.

# The Iranian FARS news agency ran an Onion
satire  opinion poll as if it were a real American
vox pop, Jim Romenesko reports.

# A High Frequency sound device is being used in some locations to disburse crowds of loitering teenagers.


Thursday, September 27

Quick Browse & Brief Note -

Is there life after Harry Potter?

Theo Tait reviews The Casual Vacancy
by JK Rowling at The Guardian.

# Raffaele Sollecito publishes a memoir
about his adventures with Amanda Knox.
Honor Bound written with Andrew Gumbel.

# Why is the Arab world so easily
offended? By Fouad Ajami at WaPo.

:::: I was in transit last weekend and caught a terrible cold - the first in many years without one. Then, this past week, things around me became rather turbulent. I'm hoping the situation will settle down next week.

Meanwhile, hang in there!