Friday, November 2

Late Notes (2#) -

Bal Harbour's Police Department may have a small footprint, but apparently, it's had a very long reach nationwide.

It has been ordered by the DOJ to end its Federal Forfeiture Program after that enterprise allegedly seized millions of dollars worth of drug money.

# NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)
has just started. Are you up for it this year? Here
is the local connection to inspire you.


Thursday, November 1

Visiting & Revisiting Crimes -

Revisiting The Perugia Slasher Case: On the Fifth Anniversary of Meredith Kercher's death commemorations are being held and tributes to her are being published. The case continues to make its way through the Italian legal system. It is the kind of story that never really ends - like a teen slasher movie which has been left unfinished.

# A new version of Georges Simenon's Maigret is being cooked up for a prospective TV series. The old series with subtitles has been a cultish hit on Mhz late night American TV recently.

# A new series about European Crime Writing has started on BBC Radio called Foreign Bodies which is available for downloading.


Tuesday, October 30

Media Notes -

Welcome News:

Judge Debra S Nelson declined to
impose a gag order on George Zimmerman's
Defense Team at this time.

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Super-Storm Sandy knocked out some
popular websites based in Manhattan.


A Quick Browse -

Those of us who were fans of Charles Aznavour's oeuvre didn't have much comparable in English until Canadian poet and song writer Leonard Cohen came along in the late Sixties. You can read more about him in a new biography called I'm Your Man written by Sylvie Simmons, which is reviewed here by Fiona Sturges.

# Fans of Edward Gorey will find new publications of his work described here by Mark Dery.

# European detective fiction explored by Mark Lawson.