Saturday, November 17

Cyber Antics -

A Taliban official
has inadvertently leaked . . .

his mailing list of more than 400 email
contacts, Neil McAllister reports at The Reg.

# Max Fisher reveals the e-mail trick
Petraeus and Broadwell used to communicate.


Thursday, November 15

Who Said What -

Tell me, Show me, Listen . . .

Hillel Italie reports on the new 18th edition of Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, the first in a decade. Bartlett's was originally published in 1855.

# Graphic attempts to diagram those believed
to be involved in the current Petraeus affair.

# Browse the FreeSound library.


Tuesday, November 13

Missteps & Misdirections -

Diabetes is the cause of most lower limb amputations in the U.S., but you would never know that if you were watching American TV in recent weeks.

In heavy rotation is a commercial featuring scary amputation portraits which are designed to persuade viewers that Smoking is the most common cause of such amputations.

Diabetes is rampant in this country, but it is also a billion-dollar profit-making business here with an entire industry pandering to it.

This "PSA" is part of a current propaganda campaign to pressure people to switch from tobacco products to proprietary replacement products belonging to the American Pharmaceutical Industry in order to increase their profits.

# Although the Homeless in Florida do not constitute a monolithic group of people, they are often abused in a dehumanizing manner, because they make easily accessible scapegoats. Florida has one of the highest Foreclosure rates in the country.

The reality is that thousands of homes stand empty and can be invaded by rats, lizards, and even coyotes, while some people seem to spend a lot of their time inventing new ways to abuse those who are less fortunate than they are.

For example: a homeless man has just been arrested in Florida for trying to recharge his mobile phone at a charging station located in a public park.

# Via Romenesko we learn that Jen Campbell, a blogger in London who works in an antiquarian bookstore, has a new book making its debut called Weird Things Customers Say in Bookstores. Jerome Ludwig muses about that in Chicago.


Sunday, November 11

Weekend Browsing -

Today is Remembrance Day . . .

The morning began badly; it got off on the wrong foot because the yammering bobble heads on American TV aggressively tried to ruin the occasion by inserting yesterday's news into their program. The resignation of a general was not an appropriate topic for them to rant about at the start of  this commemoration. I was very offended and walked out of the room.

"What images or types of information might communicate to intelligent voyagers from the great beyond something of the world our kind created (and lost)?" The Last Pictures by Trevor Paglen is reviewed by Kenneth Baker.

# A new book of essays by Julian Barnes called Through the Window is reviewed by Robert Douglas-Fairhurst.

# Punk Power: Hardcore Punk Scenes from 1980s Southern California is reviewed at the LAT.

# Fault Line by Robert Goddard is reviewed by Barry Turner.

# Sergio at his Tipping My Fedora blog explores The Yellow Dog by Georges Simenon, which was one of the first Maigret novels. And he includes some hyperlinks to other resources.

# Reminder: Miami Book Fair November 11-18th.

# Mr Rocky Books sought refuge from Hurricane Sandy at a Queens NY library where he is currently ensconced as a pampered guest.