Friday, January 11

New Spree Groupies -

Serial and Spree Killers
have attracted groupies before . . . 

Such a retinue or fanbase has emerged around the accused Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes called the Holmies, which is beginning to attract attention from the Mainstream Media.

Trench Reynolds gives his picks of Best and Worst for the past year, including the new teen group called the Holmies, which he has blogged about before.

# The Watson Computer
couldn't cope with the Urban Dictionary.

# Dan Kennedy in Boston blogs an entry
about the ongoing collapse of corporate radio.


Thursday, January 10

Firestorm Over Boca U -

James Tracy is a tenured Media and
Communications professor at FAU in the
land of the shopping zombies, Boca Loca . . .

Apparently, Tracy has dared to suggest on his blog that alternate theories of what happened in the Sandy Hook mass shooting are possible. Moreover, he has allegedly asserted that there are: Unanswered Questions and Missing Information. OMG!

Thus, Tracy has committed an American version of blasphemy by challenging the self-appointed high priesthood of the Mainstream Media who have now whipped up a hysteria about him.


Sunday, January 6

A Breezy Browse -

Alex Harvey has written a feature piece about singer/song writer Tom Waits for the LA Review of Books describing the life Waits once had in Los Angeles which informed the kind of songs he was writing.

# Thomas Pynchon will debut his new novel called Bleeding Edge this fall via Penguin Press, according to Jason Boog.

# Amy Wilentz revisits Haiti in her new book Farewell, Fred Voodoo, which is reviewed by Hector Tobar at LAT.

# Tom Slater reviews Sam Thompson's Communion Town, a story which unfolds via multiple points of view in a post-modern construction.

# Alex Hern writes that the graphic
novel Scene of the Crime is back in print.

# Sarah Ward reviews Bed of Nails by
French Mystery author Antonin Varenne.