Thursday, February 28

Trayvon Death: A Year
of Slippery Boundaries -

The anniversary of Trayvon Martin's death passed with peaceful gatherings in his name in Sanford, Miami, New York City, and elsewhere.

Nevertheless, the Mainstream  Media have installed Race Czars performing as Black Spokesmen to tell us how we must think about Race in the News Media so that everyone can be politically correct.

Since Race is mostly an intellectual construct combined with a generous dose of subjective perception, this has incited an angry backlash of its own which is often reflected in the comment threads to their news stories. Just as responsible reporters insert the descriptive qualifier "alleged" into their stories, they may need to start adding "perceived" as well.

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The FBI is refusing to disclose their records on the Trayvon Martin Shooting without the DOJ's approval.

There are two things you should keep in mind about this:

First, the FBI is not called in for every shooting incident. This was a local event which occurred on a private property multi-residential estate displaying conspicuous warning signs that you are entering Private Property, you are being watched, and your behavior is reported to the police.

The second thing to keep in mind is The Big Picture. The DOJ already made the decision to send in their Community Affairs Unit, which is how they wanted to handle this situation.

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Talk Show Host Steve Malzberg touched bases with Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz day before yesterday about the ongoing legal process in the George Zimmerman Case.

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Monday, February 25

Fragile Veneer -

Tomorrow is being commemorated as the anniversary of the Trayvon Martin Shooting in Sanford FL, where life will never be same again.

The town has sacked its white police chief and hired an African American for the job. And a native of Sanford is working at the law firm which has produced the state's
Star Witness #8 in the criminal prosecution of the accused shooter, George Zimmerman.

The town of Sanford, it has emerged, is actually two towns combined. The other town called Goldsboro was a historically black town which was absorbed by Sanford. Some black residents still harbor resentments about it, feeling that the merger stripped them of their identity and history.

This resentment roils just under the surface there, where the racial fissures that divide the two towns were papered over for cosmetic appearance and prospective prosperity. In retrospect, that merger may have been a mistake, because it left many black residents feeling robbed.

The story was originally introduced into the Mainstream Media by a well-connected Press Agent, after which it was ruthlessly exploited by the Press which has largely replaced accurate reportage about it with worthless or incendiary propaganda.

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