Monday, June 24

Doin' A Little
Disney on Zimmerman -

Cops here in SoFlo have a colloquial expression for Special Effects used on a crime scene: they call it "doing a little Walt Disney." This activity can range from simple cosmetic enhancement to flat-out fakery.

It has only recently emerged in reportage from The Washington Post that the State has a dirty little secret in the prosecution of George Zimmerman as depicted earlier today in the opening statement of John Guy. Zimmerman has been set up as a patsy and fall guy to cover up a scheme being used by the authorities to insert criminals into the gated communities in Central Florida.

Let's say you've invested over $250,000 for a townhouse unit in the Retreat at Twin Lakes. How much do you think that condo would be worth on the open market if it were publicized that criminals are being moved into that estate? It would be much cheaper and more convenient to blame George Zimmerman as a loose cannon for the trouble going on there.

It's all laid out in black and white by their own admission from none other than Sanford city commissioner Patty Mahany. Close readers need only reread the caption material accompanying Photo #9 of the photo essay I linked to in the previous entry and consider the implications.

Thus, in the end, this case is not
really about Race or even about Guns.

It's about Florida Real Estate.


Sunday, June 23

Trayvon: Elastic Bracketing -

Marking the Monday morning kickoff . . .
of the George Zimmerman Trial, the WaPo is presenting this photo feature backgrounder essay consisting of 20 images accompanied by captions.

While it is a lovely project, it illustrates how obsessed the Mainstream Media is with steering this case often contrary to its facts. This photo essay may provide interesting geographic context to the trial, but the fatal encounter took place on Private Property, which most of the MSM still refuse to acknowledge.

Only Photo #9 seems somehow related to the fatal encounter, but its caption falls just short of explaining specifically how. Thus, each of my readers may take away something different from this caption.

I applaud the WaPo for putting their boots on the ground to produce this project; it is not a waste of space or time.

What we have here now is a push-pull effect, because in the May 28th hearing for pretrial motions, the judge attempted to narrow the scope of the territory to be covered in the trial and limit it to only the immediate circumstances of the fatal encounter.

Your field of vision is being expanded tonight with this photo essay, then it will be narrowed by Judge Nelson tomorrow morning.

*  *  *  *  *
"about 24 seats will be reserved
for randomly selected members
of the public who entered the lottery"

The Mainstream Media still wants to pretend there is a scarcity of trial availability limited to the physical space of the courtroom.

Actually, if you have a computer and an Internet connection you can probably find the proceedings being live-streamed somewhere online.

Most adults have to go to work or to school while the trial is taking place. Or they have other responsibilities to attend to.

But if you're retired or on vacation, it's all yours.