Friday, July 26

Fake Security -

Hundreds of people in Florida are alleged to have gotten phony credentials as armed security guards who could be hired for jobs in airports, courthouses, ports, jails, and other public places, according to WFTV.

# Young activists calling themselves the Dream Defenders are occupying the Florida Capital. They want lawmakers there to create a special Trayvon Martin Civil Rights Act which would repeal the state's Stand Your Ground law.


The Trayvon Gateway III -

Yet, when the State prosecuted its case against George Zimmerman, it falsified the scene of the shooting by means of a trompe l'oeil trick witness who inserted spurious hearsay material into the proceedings, vilifying the Crime Watcher as a creepy stalker and a child rapist. This was the pernicious choreography of the malicious hoax:

1) Omit the conspicuous warning signs which identified Zimmerman and explained what he was doing on the telephone.

2) Introduce an illusory "witness" to suggest that Zimmerman was a criminal instead of a Crime Watcher.

3) And then, prosecute Zimmerman on this very basis, which was a deliberate hoax.

Even a week after the verdict, the cable TV networks are still using this case for decadent entertainment with CNN, the operator of both CNN and HLN, leading a rabid lynch mob of hyperbole and perverted disinformation. They should be prosecuted like the radio station in Rwanda.

This case, in my opinion, has considerably worsened race relations in America. And the more the race agitators keep trying to stir the pot, the more the white crackers here say they're stocking up on ammunition. This does not bode well.


The Trayvon Gateway II -

During the trial and before the verdict came in, I found myself, by chance, in a TV lounge frequented by some young women. As I entered, two young mothers left to check on their toddlers. While I was sitting there, enjoying a soft drink, a young African-American woman entered, quickly grabbed the TV remote control, and began surfing through the channel onscreen guide of program listings.

"Who is this George Zimmerman?" she asked rhetorically to no one in particular. And then she continued.

"I mean what is his problem? Everybody knows this trial is just a waste of time because we're going to kill him when it's over, no matter what the verdict is."

This was the state of mind in Fort Lauderdale FL at the time. One cannot fault the newly elected Sheriff of Broward County for trying to stay ahead of the curve by issuing videos in an attempt to keep the public calm. Although the situation here remained calm on the surface, troubled waters were roiling just underneath the relatively smooth surface.

The scene of the Trayvon Martin Shooting was a private estate called the Retreat at Twin Lakes which included on its campus many townhouses.

Prominently posted at the entrance to the estate was conspicuous signage warning: you are entering private property; you are being watched by neighborhood crime watch; and your behavior is being reported to the police. For the benefit of those who cannot read English, a large graphic of a watchful eye was displayed.

Would you have any reason to disbelieve these warnings?

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The Trayvon Gateway -

Now that George Zimmerman, America's foremost political prisoner, has been acquitted  of the criminal charges against him, there are several points I want to address.

First, congratulations to the Zimmerman Defense Team for a successful defense.

Let's start out softly. It has emerged from this trial that many people, especially young people, do not understand profiling and why it cannot be made illegal.

Here is an informal example which illustrates profiling. A Crime Watcher in an enclosed private estate of townhouses has observed that around the same time of day every day at about 7pm the pedestrians he encounters in the southeast quadrant of the campus are dog walkers. This, then, is the profile of pedestrians in the early evening in that area of the campus.

The profile is the extrapolation of a pattern. The act of extrapolating a pattern cannot be made illegal. A pattern is simply fact-based and doesn't necessarily mean anything criminal is involved.

Will youngsters understand this? Many youngsters have been misled by unscrupulous leaders during the course of this case and, consequently, do not want to understand it.

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