Wednesday, October 9

Reading: In Charmed Circles -

Putting aside grim news for a
moment to note some delightful news . . . 

Legendary Anchorman Ron Burgundy has been
persuaded to do some automobile commercials.

# G Willow Wilson reviews Dave Eggers' new novel
The Circle, and Bob Minzesheimer reviews it, too.

# Maureen Corrigan reviews JK Rowling's debut
Mystery novel The Cuckoo's Calling at NPR.

# Nathaniel Rich writes about
The Chelsea Hotel in NYC.


Monday, October 7

Blonde Trophy Game -

Fondling his crotch, the black stranger persistently asked the pretty blonde nursing student for explicit sexual favors while a Broward County FL bus was in motion recently.

The 22-year-old pregnant nursing student, who was on her way to a doctor's appointment, moved away from his unwelcome advances by changing her seat.

When that did not stop the harassment, the passenger sitting next to her pepper-sprayed her pursuer who responded by brutally beating him.

Incredibly, the entire incident
was captured on surveillance video.

:: Sun-Sentinel ::

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