Monday, June 12

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Ann Coulter and
the WTC Widows -

I thought Ann Coulter's recent remarks about the World Trade Center widows were ghoulish. Her supporters contend that although her language about the widows may have been harsh, her "larger point" was valid or had merit. I do not agree. There was no "larger point;" the so-called "larger point" was simply a sleazy pretext used to spew this poison.

I do not like the term "The Jersey Gals" either, because I consider it to be comparable to calling an African-American man "boy." The widows are not girls. Every time I come across this term in the WTC context, it makes my skin crawl.

When I first heard Ann Coulter, I thought she was amusing. As time went on, I got tired of her and ignored her. Her recent remarks about the WTC widows made her seem like a vampire. I do not believe her motive in expressing these remarks was political, even though she may espouse that posture. I just don't find that attribution at all credible. Sorry, I don't buy it.

Surfing over to Howie Kurtz at WaPo this morning, I see that he, too, has addressed what he calls "The Coulter Conundrum."

Here's the part which I don't buy:

Her one valid point -- that once widows turn themselves into political activists, their personal tragedies should not shield them from rebuttal...

I don't feel constrained to criticize the WTC widows or Ann Coulter and consider this "larger point" to be gratuitous. And I believe this "point" to be utterly disingenuous on Coulter's part. I believe it was just a very cynical ploy she deliberately used to spew this poison.

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