Monday, July 10

Mo Jul 10 -

Salam Pax: HOW TO

Salam has one of his inimitable videos up on BBC NewsNight.

I realize that there will be idealogues who will try to use it to bolster their own preconceived theories, but I suggest you try to avoid doing that. I would suggest to you that the thematic material here is actually metaphysical and not narrowly political at all. And, I would hasten to add, this video would never have been allowed to emerge from Iraq under the totalitarian control of the previous Ba'athist regime.

May I remind you what human resources it took to keep Salam Pax on the Internet in touch with "the outside" while the Ba'athist State Security Apparatus (makabarat) was trying to block him off from the rest of the world?

As bad as the situation inside Iraq may be this week, the Baghdadis are no longer isolated and cut off from the rest of the world.

Very recommended!

Start of video at 14:00 into: