Monday, July 24

Mo Jul 24 -


"Heavy exchanges of fire... are taking place with Israeli troops advancing from Maroun al-Ras towards the Bint Jbeil area," a Hizbollah source told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa.

[Bint Jbeil is considered by some to be the unofficial "capital" of Hizbollah-Land in southern Lebanon.]

Israeli Army Chief of Staff Dan Halutz said Monday that several hundred Hizbollah militants were holed up in the town, in addition to some 500 civilians who had not left despite advance warnings by the Israeli army to evacuate the area...

Israeli troops fighting in the Bint Jbeil area have destroyed nine of Hizbollah's long-range rocket launching pads. Israel Army Radio said one of the launchers was loaded with a rocket ready to be fired at the Israeli port city of Haifa, which has suffered the deadliest missile attacks since the beginning of the military conflict...

In an interview with the Lebanese As Safir daily, Nasrallah warned that the Israeli ground incursion into Lebanon would not stop his movement from firing rockets at Israel.

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