Sunday, July 16

S/Sun Jul 16 -


An Overnight Update -

According to the A-Sharaq Alwasat news agency, an Iranian military source said that Iran transferred 11,500 missiles and rockets to Hizbullah between the years 1992 to 2005. ::YNET::

"The road to Syria was terrible. We could hear a van with loudspeakers with a man shouting in Arabic. Our driver said the Hezbollah soldiers were saying, 'Get ready for war. We will wipe Israel from the map.'" ::GN::

Jamil Mroueh, publisher of The Daily Star in Lebanon, said the Israelis want to dominate Lebanon but it cannot do that...

A 50-year-old Lebanese businessman said: "This is a political farce and I do not believe any of the parties in confrontation. This is an effort to impose UN Resolution 1559 and disarm Hezbollah." ::GN::

"A Zionist enemy force tried around midnight Saturday to make its way towards the western sector of Lebanon, but the Mujahadeen of the Islamic Resistance repelled them," the group said in a statement distributed in Beirut. ::NAHARNET::

*Israeli special forces are operating on the ground in Lebanon, in conjunction with air and sea forces, General Gadi Eisenkraut, operations chief at central command, confirmed Sunday* ::NAHARNET::