Thursday, July 27

Th Jul 27 -

Debuts New Tape -

Dr Ayman al-Zawahri, Asst Cmdr of the syncretic Islamo-Fascist Death Cult called Al Qaeda, and hobbyist troglodyte, delivered another videotape address early this morning. zzzzzzz... So, what's new with him?

He said his cult is embarked on a jihad to control all the territory between Spain and Iraq and will not stop until it prevails. [Hey, that's a lotta taxes!]

He wants to establish his new Reich/Empire/Caliphate because... well, it looks like he has nothing else to do. Not much to do in his cave these days, I guess.

I don't know about you, but I'm kinda tired of this guy droning on and on, wagging his finger in my face. Do we really need to pay attention to him? When I heard he had a new tape coming out, I said to myself, groan, I think I'll wait for the synopsis...

Let's turn to the experts...

CT PRELIMINARY OBSERVATIONS: Among other things, Andrew Cochran notes that Dr Z has a voodoo photo of NYC's WTC Twin Towers "Pillars of Satan" on fire, strategically situated on the wall behind him. Hmmm, I thought sorcery was banned by Islam.

::Translation + Controversy::

INTERPRETATION OF TAPE: Evan Kohlmann explores the issue of whether the syncretic Sunni-style Al Qaeda cult will merge with the syncretic Shiite-style Hizbolllah cult in the course of establishing Dr Z's new empire.