Sunday, August 27

Sun Aug 27 -


PM Al-Maliki won support for his national unity plan from hundreds of tribesmen. And Tayseer Al-Mashhadani was freed as a "gift" for his project.

"I encouraged them to participate in the reconciliation. I took their e-mail and they took mine so we can engage in a dialogue," she said of her kidnappers.

#Baghdad: Gunmen shot dead the Shiite owner of a bakery. No explanation as to why he was targeted.

#An IED exploded in a soccer field during a match in Balad Ruz near Baqouba, killing four people and wounding 20.

#Suspected Shiite militants in a car fired at two sisters working as translators for the British consulate in Basra in the south, killing one of them and seriously wounding the other.

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