Monday, September 25

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# STRATEGERIES: Invasion of the blogosphere. Waking up to the growing power of the blogs, the media and political establishment are moving in to neutralise the threat, using time-honoured techniques perfected during centuries of colonial rule and through keeping the great unwashed in their place.

Richard North with another spot-on commentary. Pay attention! Similar strategies are being used on this side of The Pond, too.


# BLONDE MONSTERS: Midway down Monday's Media Notes column, in a section entitled The 'Jewish' Question, Howie Kurtz turns the spotlight however briefly on Peggy Fox, the WUSA TV Channel 9 reporter who ventured into illicit and unconstitutional waters to interrogate George Allen about his "forebears" in Tyson Corners. Loathsome! She is still so self-absorbed and insensitive that she re-victimized an 83-year-old Nazi survivor and burdened Allen with the most painful guilt, doubtless for the rest of his life, about exposing his elderly mother to her worst nightmare come true. And for what purpose? For her sleazy Gotcha! Trophy Collection. The American MSM doesn't get much worse than this.

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"And now, for a balanced view
of the Middle East, we go to
Muslim nutcase with a hook."


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