Thursday, September 21

Th Sept 21 -

Scanning the News . . .

This is the kind of news you don't want to wake up to in the morning; nevertheless, there are a couple of crimes against women dominating current events so far today.

On a happier note, Elif Shafak, the female novelist who wrote The Bastard of Istanbul, has been acquitted of "insulting Turkishness."

The European Union has warned Turkey that putting writers and journalists on trial for their speech could hamper its efforts to join the bloc. [snip] Some 25 nationalist protesters were holding an EU flag adorned with a Nazi swastika in the middle and a slogan that read: "EU fascism."

Shafak is a U of Arizona asst prof.

About those crimes against women -
# On the national level, there is the gruesome "dragging death" in the Denver area.

The woman's mangled, naked body was discovered with her face so disfigured that she could not be immediately identified. An autopsy report... revealed that the victim was alive when a rope was placed around her neck and she was dragged behind a vehicle.

# On the local level, there's a BOLO out for a home invader who may be a serial rapist mostly in the northern Dade area.

Also notable: there's been another savage beating of a homeless man in a Ft Lauderdale park by four suspected juvenile boys.