Thursday, July 26


# PM Gordon Brown is to hold talks with US Prez
George Bush on Sunday and Monday at Camp David.

# All about Shazia Mirza, an interesting gal
stand-up comic currently performing over there.

# Doctor Who toys to debut for Christmas.
The Hornby Co has negotiated a licence with
BBC Worldwide to produce a range of Airfix models.

# Meanwhile, Doctor Who bosses are
bringing back one of the show's scariest
monsters - the Ood. Photo included !

# Caravan rally from London to Mongolia in a
Swales Yorkshire Dales ice cream truck. Yeah, it's
so crazy, somebody's gotta do it - or, at least, try.

# Take a look at this website: it's the website for a neighborhood in London which links to similar websites for other such neighborhoods in that city. Take some time to explore it; try the nav links across the top. Checking out what other communities are doing on the Net gives you some more ideas of what can be done. [london-se1]