Monday, January 7

Bookish: A CLUTCH

# Some good news to start off the week: The Baghdad Mutanabi Street Book Market is reviving. It is well-known as "a favorite Friday hangout for intellectuals, artists, and students." AP correspondent Hamza Hendawi says this attests to a hope for a better future.

# California Cultist
Adam Gadahn has a new tape out.
"Puppets of Planet Qaeda"

[You are growing tired... your eyelids are getting heavy... you hear and you obey... his Will has become your Will... you are the Un-Dead slave of Cult Qaeda... you will destroy yourself.]

# SoFlo Broward Alert: Oline H Cogdill reviews Miami lawyer James Grippando's new mystery novel Last Call. The author will be making an appearance in the B&N branch store at 591 S University Drive in Plantation at 7pm this Tuesday.

# LitBlogger Ed Champion has returned with
a new blog and he's trying out a new approach with it.

# A Fiction Best-Seller in Europe: Joseph Olshan reviews Night Train to Lisbon by Pascal Mercier. [A teacher discovers a book in a used book store and decides to research its deceased author.] Mercier was born in 1944 and is a professor of philosophy in Berlin, writing under a pseudonym. He previously wrote The Piano Tuner.

# Winter Literary Vacation: In the mood to travel but can't get away? A handful of current fiction books from faraway places, briefly reviewed.