Saturday, January 26

Bookish: UNDER A

A supposedly sluggish Publishing Industry is impatiently waiting for Dan Brown's next novel, which is "purported to be about freemasonry and the Founding Fathers," reports Jeffrey A Trachtenberg at the WSJ.

+ They're already getting a big hunk of a new Stephen King novel for January, but they've still got ants in their pants!

# The Mighty Wurlitzer by Hugh Wilford is ostensibly about those front groups that were engaged in the cultural aspects of the Cold War, including the Encounter "scandal." But toward the end, there may be vague hints of Black Helicopters looming just over the horizon. Reviewed by Gabriel Schoenfeld at the WSJ.

# Otto Penzler says he liked
Craig Holden's new mystery novel
Matala which he briefly reviews here.

# Random House's paperback imprint
Arrow is reissuing 42 PG Wodehouse
comic novels in new covers starting in May.

# Alan Taylor interviews
literary critic James Wood.