Wednesday, January 9


Prez Bush begins a landmark
Middle East trip on Wednesday.

On Jan 6th, the Qaeda Cult's media company Al Sahab, posted a video message by Adam Gadahn on the Islamist website Al-Ikhlas, which is hosted by NOC4Hosts Inc based in Tampa FL.

It included an appeal to greet Prez Bush with"bombs and traps" during his imminent visit to the Middle East.

Jerusalem has been stepping up security for Prez Bush's visit; they seem to be making use of a lot of confusing decoys.

Meanwhile, Gadahn and his messages have been irritating a lot of people, especially very vocal Americans with access to the Internet, as France24 duly notes.

And, as if the production of pompous, self-important trashtalkin' videos were not enough, the Qaeda Cult is now generating corporate swag (!) decorated with their media channel's designer emblem "bug."

Wayne's World was, at least, funny.
Adam is getting obnoxious.