Wednesday, January 16

SoFlo: UNDER SIEGE - (2#) -

Residents of South Florida are currently living here under siege. Terrorists, who are prosecuting a low-intensity guerilla war against us, are frequently seen running around, brandishing AK-47s or similar weapons. And they are clearly engaged in armed insurrection.

*Assault weapons are leaving a bloody trail of violence in South Florida... In Miami, assault weapons were used in about 4 percent of all homicides in 2004; last year, the figure was
21 percent...*

"The guns keep coming in, their prices are
dropping, and they've become ubiquitous.''

But many people are still in denial.

*Florida is facing what is likely the nation's fastest-growing gang problem, with at least 1,500 gangs with more than 65,000 members.*

"They control neighborhoods and oppress
our citizens by using violence and threats."

*While painting a sordid picture of how gangs operate in Florida, using assault weapons and fists to intimidate, the 56-page report delivered to the state Supreme Court on Tuesday said gangs are growing at an "increasingly alarming" rate, and placed much of the blame on illegal immigration.*

+ In my opinion, they should be reclassified as terrorists and treated as such. The reason they are brandishing AK-47s is to terrorize people. And, by their own public admission, they are conducting a war against us.