Friday, January 18


# Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State, appeared noontime at a book-signing event for her new opus, Memo To the President Elect, in the Plantation branch of Barnes & Noble at the Broward Mall and seems to have attracted quite a large crowd.

# Hats, Hoods, Masks & Shades:

Citing Florida's recent plague of bank robberies, which increased 40 percent in 2007, the Florida Bankers Association has proposed new rules that will prohibit hats, hoods, sunglasses or anything that might obscure a person's identity in Florida banks. [sent]

+ What ever happened to the "Klan Mask Laws," and why don't they already cover this issue? Just asking . . . But don't expect any intelligent discussion of this issue any time soon . . . until maybe CGI Mustafah Headroom complains. Shazzam the Goat Boy is probably cooking up the video right now while you are reading this ;-)

+ typo corrected: 1/20 at 11:12am.