Monday, January 14


The Russian government is trying to shut down British Council offices in two Russian cities. The British Council is an organization which promotes British culture.

"David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, has likened Russia's attitude to Burma and Iran, where the British Council has also been forbidden from operating."

"The dispute comes amid broader tension over Litvinenko's radiation poisoning death in London in November 2006. Russia has refused Britain's request to extradite the man it considers the main suspect; this summer Britain expelled four Russian diplomats in response, and Russia kicked out four British diplomats... Russia has been angry at Britain for years over its refusal to extradite tycoon Boris Berezovsky and Chechen separatist envoy Akhmed Zakayev."

+ From Sherlock Holmes to Harry Potter, British culture and entertainment is popular around the world. The Russian government's current campaign may not be very well received by their own population.