Monday, February 18

Media Mirror:

Once upon a time... newspapers would not hire women to work in their newsrooms; they claimed the reason was because there were spittoons there. When the spittoons disappeared, they came up with additional excuses. I am thinking about establishing a new category here... it would be something about... spittoons... well, we'll see.

# Media Management -
More Layers Than a Napoleon:

How many editors is too many?
Alan Mutter asks
Can newspapers afford editors?

# Meanwhile, closer to home, The Tribune Co is talking about Streamlining. In a chatty column which adds up to nearly bupkis, The Trib's Phil Rosenthal tells us about it... or maybe doesn't. Lotsa pirouettes here.... but at least he seems friendly.

* * * * *
# The AP casts itself into the role of victim
by dubbing Media Monitors The Pundit Police.

* * * * *
# The Readers' Ombudsman at The Guardian reacts to complaints that the organization posted a slanted video online. I didn't watch the tainted video; I have a thumbnail rule: I skip any Guardian coverage or commentary about The J Word - anything related to Jews.

# Even More Fuss Across The Pond: Readers complain about a case of perceived nepotism at The Guardian. But The Guardian folks still don't get it. At all. Maybe it's because of the spittoons.