Saturday, February 2


20/20's Meredith Kercher Murder Mystery -

the TV program raised further questions . . .

Having watched the ABC TV 20/20 program earlier this evening, I just want to jot down some of my thoughts and impressions while the program is still fresh in my mind...

First, let me preface this entry by remarking that this program was one of those rare occasions when I missed having a color TV set. I've been watching TV lately on a 5" black and white countertop portable which generally suffices for my current needs. Ah, but Perugia looked beautiful even in B&W; it must look fantastic in full color. And now, to the matter at hand.

While I was watching and listening to the female presenter, I thought I heard her say that there had been a Halloween party that evening, but this exact information does not appear on the presentation at their website. Thus, there seems to be a disparity between what was said on the program itself and the text which appears on the Net.

Perhaps this party is a piece of information which the Perugia Police Chief wanted to keep from the public. Sometimes the police hold back some information so that they can test for false confessions from loose screws or for some other legitimate purpose.

But if such a party happened . . .
I think I would want to know more about it:

= Who attended this party? Were they dressed in diverse costumes? Were some of them wearing dominos? Were they dressed up as specific characters?

= Do the attendees have credible alibis
for the broad time span of the criminal episode?

= How far away from the Crime Scene was the Party Scene? Did any witnesses observe the partygoers walk from the Party Scene to the Crime Scene?

The party, which I believe was
mentioned, seems like a fertile topic to explore.

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