Saturday, February 9

SoFlo: TRIFECTA (2#) -

Drugs, $ Laundering & Terrorism . . .

"Federal law-enforcement officials contend that Islamic extremists and well-financed Iranian-backed Hezbollah militia groups in Latin America are recruiting members and using highly effective routes to smuggle narcotics to raise funds for their counterparts in the Middle East...

In 2005, Venezuela became a major transient route for South American - predominantly Colombian - cocaine destined for the U.S. market and it continues to grow, U.S. intelligence officials said." [washtimes]

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A prominent Miami lawyer has been indicted
on drugs/money laundering charges:

"The feds allege Kuehne broke the law in 2002-03 when he vouched for millions paid by one-time MedellĂ­n drug lord Fabio Ochoa Vasquez to his high-profile trial attorney, Roy Black." [wsj]

"Kaiser Sose would be proud."
--commenter on wsj-law blog thread.