Tuesday, April 29

Bookish: GOING

There no longer exists one successful recipe in writing Mysteries and Crime Detection for the U.S. or the U.K. in our increasingly globalized world. This PK feature story will give you some idea of the array of upcoming offerings in the genre.

:: The Cozy Gets the Hard-Boil :: [via]

# A big feature story about Charles Fort who created the Fortean Times. He was a twentieth century pioneer in writing about anomalies.

# Ah, Lists! - 50 best cult books
with comment thread - to bicker about?

# A brief review of Blogger Mark Sarvas'
first novel called Harry, Revised. And a
handful of others from last week which I missed.

# Guess who's Blogging -
Here's another new one:
::: Granta's New Blog :::