Monday, April 28

Meredith Kercher Murder Case -

Richard Owen gives a reprise of the Higher Court's written validation of the Lower Court's decision to detain the suspects, which ruled that the Lower Court has acted in accordance with the Law in detaining the suspects. The focus here is on suspect Rudy Guede.

Owen notes: "what appears to be an orchestrated media campaign" to undermine the Court's credibility and legitimacy.

Meanwhile, Frank at Perugia Shock blog supplements the latest Owen dispatch. The Court is determined to ascertain the "author" of this gruesome giallo. But Rudy Guede denies being a murderer.

+ It is interesting that the Court seems to presume that the "author" is one and the same as the murderer, whereas, I would not have automatically posited this presumption. It seemed possible to me that the murder was committed by person or persons unknown, but then someone else who may or may not have been present, could have "arranged" the situation.

INRE: faccia a faccia . . .

The question has arisen among those following the progress of this case as to whether the judge will convene a pre-trial hearing. This is quite possible, unless prohibited by Italian law.

"Faccia a faccia" means there is a rumor afoot that the judge is considering such a hearing moved into a conference room setting in which everyone is seated around a conference table, rather than in a formal courtroom, according to my interpretation.