Thursday, June 19


The Taliban have been routed from the Arghandab area outside Kandahar, although it will be several days before things there quiet down, Doug Schmidt reports for Canwest.

# Peshawar: The Taliban are considered to be a developing threat to the business community in this commercial center, prompting some area businessmen to demand that the government take steps to reinforce law and order.

Worried about the Talibanisation of Peshawar, some residents and business investors have expressed their fear that Peshawar is "under siege" of the Taliban. They are demanding more security. If the situation is not brought under control, industries may relocate elsewhere which the city can ill afford.

# Pakistani journalist Mushtaq Yusufzai, who reports (at great risk) out of the Tribal region, has been awarded a distinction by AFP for his outstanding work.

"The judges singled out two of his stories in particular - one about the Taliban's ban on barbers and another on a female teacher who defied orders to wear a burqa."

# NB: The Frontier Post has changed its URL.
.......... Make note of its new formulation.

It has lost the "pk" at the end. It has also added some separate RSS Feeds for its various sections, such as Peshawar News, Afghanistan News, etc.