Saturday, February 7


Meredith Kercher Murder -

Roommate Testifies . . .

Filomena Romanelli, 29, the Italian legal secretary
who lived with Kercher and Knox, testified today.

Much of the UK Print Press may be saving their weekend coverage of this trial for their Sunday editions, but Nick Squires had a good article published today which has already been posted at The Telegraph. From it:

It struck Miss Romanelli as strange that Miss Knox would choose to take a shower when the bathroom was spattered with blood.

Police forensic experts later found 13 traces of blood in the bathroom, including a 10-inch-long smear on the floor and numerous droplets.

What is so strange about this? All that blood would suggest dangerous violence had taken place in this house, yet Knox did not seem to fear for her own personal safety; she felt safe enough to take a shower even though an assailant might still be hiding in the house, especially behind that closed door.

Her lack of fear or concern about her own safety in the presence of all that blood does not seem normal. Most women would consider the circumstances of the situation to be too dangerous to take a shower in. How did Knox know that a violent maniac was not hiding behind that closed door getting ready to pounce on her while she was taking a shower?

Giacomo Silenzi, the Italian guy from downstairs who was dating Mez, had been expected to testify today, but his testimony has been postponed until next week. Hearings are scheduled for Friday and Saturday, although the roster of witnesses seems somewhat elastic.

And from the Italian Press:

:: La Nazione :: That knife is not
from our kitchen equipment, Romanelli testifies.

:: ANSA :: Claudio Sebastiani's account.