Friday, February 27


Meredith Kercher Murder -

Amanda Knox performed cartwheels and splits in the police station when brought in for questioning following the homicide discovery; and, at one point, she sat on her lover's lap, the court in Perugia was told today.

But no mention has been made, so far, of any drugs and drink testing or similar analysis of Knox and Sollecito at that time.

Records show that both the couple's mobile phones had been switched off from about 8:30pm local time on the night of the murder, making their whereabouts untraceable.

A 30cm knife was discovered in Sollecito's home with the victim's DNA on the blade and Knox's DNA close to the handle.

Amanda Knox was described by several reporters as being more subdued in her deportment today than she has been on previous occasions. She wore what appeared to be a Sleep T-shirt to court for the last session and had been photographed previously with a Hollywood-style grin.

No doubt there will be more Press coverage of all this coming up soon. This week's set of court proceedings is scheduled to continue tomorrow.

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