Tuesday, February 17


Meredith Kercher Murder -

Barbie Nadeau has an eminently readable(!) article at Tina Brown's Daily Beast today. It presents a very balanced overview and an accurate picture of the status of the case with the contextual situation at this point in time, including a bit of local atmospherics. A good catch-up for those who may be following it more casually and only out of their peripheral vision.

"Meanwhile, the case has taken on
a bizarre life of its own in the blogosphere"

It sure has! Nadeau mentions a worrisome development lately: the rise of Menace online from people commenting on the progress of the case. Grotesque cases like this one often tend to attract a small percentage of disturbed individuals, but this case seems to have attracted more than usual or they have made themselves more publicly visible. This development caused me to pause last night and seriously reevaluate what I am trying to accomplish in blogging about this case.

I hope we get more reports like this one periodically. Nadeau had a little supplementary assistance from Andrea Vogt's coverage which has also been outstanding.

Big "ups" to Tina Brown for this sparkling contribution. Tina is a very talented editor, and I think it shows by the quality level she is able to attract and present to the public, exemplified by this wonderful piece.

On the whole, the British Press has sent very competent reporters to Italy to cover this case. They have an advantage over the American Press because they are closer to Italy. So, it's not surprising that they have more extensive coverage of it.

But at least we can get a refreshing boost once in a while from articles like this one. I can only hope it helps to raise the bar of public expectations from the self-selected Commentariat on the Internet.

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