Wednesday, March 25

LOOSE LIT LINKS & more (6#) -

Salam Pax sends in a dispatch from Baghdad to The Guardian's G2, describing the return of a charming Iraqi pre-wedding ritual. This is a nice piece of writing.

# The new April/May issue of Bookforum
has been posted online. From it, an article
about Harvey Kurtzman the Mad Magazine artist.

# Strange Travelogues: An excerpt from Richard Poplak's upcoming Penguin book: The Sheikh's Batmobile. An American tourist goes in search of Lionel Richie's mysterious influence in Tripoli.

# The new issue of the Nieman Report on Journalism has
been posted online with a description here from their Lab.

# The Conficker computer worm
is supposed to erupt on April 1st. [cnet]

+ I'm still having a sporadic computer problem, but we'll just try to keep soldiering along here as best as we can. And I'm considering some short range and long term actions to deal with it. I'm loathe to blog much about it, because I don't think people read blogs to read about this kind of issue. Nevertheless, I feel obliged to let my regular readers know.