Thursday, March 19


Meredith Kercher Murder -

Catching up with the case,
I expect the proceedings to resume tomorrow . . .

# Since at least noon today when I checked, the Italian press has been reporting a second possible intrusion into the cottage on Pergola St. I've been waiting for some reports to be translated into English. This is the first I've seen.

# Curt Knox gave an interview to a local Seattle TV station upon his return to the U.S. from Italy. "He says he believes prosecutors are focusing on Amanda's behavior because the physical evidence against her is weak."

# The Blogger Miss Represented has been posting a series of entries which explore possible motives for this homicide. Something in the latest entry caught my eye: displacement.

In the course of trying to reconstruct a crime scenario, we have observed indications of intense rage, but no apparent link which would cement it to the victim. It has seemed incomprehensible that Meredith could have said or done anything to provoke such intense rage.

If we discard the notion of provocation and replace it with displacement, this could be a crucial missing factor. Read more.

Niagara Falls . . . did you say Niagara Falls?
Slowly I turned, step by step I crept up on him . . .

-- From a classic vaudeville routine.