Friday, April 10


The Dresden Files is a series of detective stories with a magical gloss written by Jim Butcher. Turncoat, the latest episode, is set in contemporary Chicago. Butcher has a large online following and participates in LARPing. Lizzie Stark tells us about it all.

# Jeffrey A Trachtenberg interviews Daniel Suarez, the author of high-tech thriller Daemon about computer programs that go wild after the programmer dies. Initially self-published via the print-on-demand avenue, it was then picked up by Dutton.

# The Manual of Detection by Jedediah Berry has been getting a lot of buzz lately on both sides of The Pond. Is it just a gimmicky romp? That's hard to discern at this point.

# Sarah Weinman reviews murder-mystery The Vampire of Ropraz by Jacques Chessex, a prize-winning author in Switzerland.