Friday, May 15


I see I'm back in Google's good graces again -
they've restored me to Google Blog Search!

Well, sort of... kinda... in a way . . .

Who knows what mysteries
lurk within the Inner Googleplex?

One possible clue is at Search Engine Land this morning; Matt McGee is reporting there that Google has been quietly updating its Blog Search Algorithm.

NB: They don't list latest entries here; this blog is under Related Blogs at the top of the page for the "Meredith Kercher" search.

# I spent yesterday afternoon into evening downloading Service Pack 3. What with all the threats on the Net lately, I decided that I've been putting it off for too long and that I'd better take care of it pronto.

When I logged back online, I learned there had been some kind of outage at Google-related services.

# And so, I missed the Thursday Mystery programs on PBS TV. Although I've never been a big fan of Inspector Lynley and his sidekick Havers, I did watch the first episode of the mini-series they've been broadcasting lately on our local station.

I also noticed that Silent Witness is not listed on the scheduled offerings for this evening - bummer! PBS, though, has introduced a new Mystery mini-series called Wallander about a Swedish detective. The first episode looked pretty good.

# Alas, I did not get much done that was on my agenda for yesterday, and after that long download, I felt rather disconnected.