Saturday, May 23

Mez: A DEADLY MIX (3#) -

Meredith Kercher Murder -

On Friday, the Prosecution tipped its long-held hand to show us some cards we hadn't seen before: multiple discreet pieces of evidence - and the aggregate picture they represented was ominous. Unless Defense can provide an alternate scenario which persuasively accounts for the Prosecution's mosaic of evidence, the cumulative effect will be damning for the defendants.

We expected to see the alleged weapon presented: the knife. But there was more. At several locations in the house there was a mixture of DNA evidence containing both Knox and Kercher genetic material, including the light switch in the bathroom and in Filomena Romanelli's bedroom.

Why did this particular mixture exist?
And why was it at those locations?

What did Amanda's statement to the
Court about the pink rabbit sex toy tell us?

It seemed to tell us that Amanda believed that Meredith was an accessory in her life equivalent to a sex toy or a comb.

Which word does not belong in the following group:

murder - roommate - comb - university.

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