Thursday, June 25

The Atomic Ayatollah (8#) -

Is Khamenei radioactive or what?

Which candidate is more likely to give the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei his nuclear bomb? I suspect that would be Ahmadinejad.

But who is the real power behind the alleged "theft" of the Iranian election? According to an analysis by Muhammad Sahimi, the one to watch is Ayatollah Mesbah. And the writer elaborates on some of the dynamics of power behind public view.

# Meanwhile, NIAC reports that there may be
a Rafsanjani plan to replace Khamenei with a council.

"The first step in any crackdown
is to eliminate potential witnesses."

# Among those reported to be detained are:

- Iason Athanasiadis (Nieman Class of 2008),
- Newsweek's Maziar Bahari, and
- Blogger Karim Arghandehpour of the Futurama Blog.

# Blogger Karim Arghandehpour was transferred yesterday from Sepah Baghiatollah Hospital to Evin Prison where he is being held incommunicado.

# FYI: France24 is still getting
comments from inside Iran on their articles.

# Also see: The Guardian's
:: Live Blog :: on The Iran Crisis.