Monday, June 15


Meredith Kercher Murder Case -

Those who were away for the weekend got a chance to catch up on the case with segments on NBC and ABC TV this morning. Did anything catch your attention in Amanda Knox's testimony?

Here's something that poked me:

Knox told the court that when she last saw Kercher leaving their apartment, Kercher was still wearing traces of vampire makeup from her Halloween costume of the previous night.

+ Is this for real? Or was Amanda Knox hallucinating? Did Meredith's friends see the vampire makeup, too? Maybe Knox hallucinated that Meredith was a real vampire after getting stoned.

# Another book to be published about the case:

Darkness Descending by Paul Russell and Graham Johnson with Luciano Garofano sold to Simon and Schuster.

# Edda Mellas will testify in Friday's court session.