Tuesday, June 23

SoFlo: Down These Mean Straits (3#) -

In the much under-rated 1993 movie Scam . . .

a female grifter working Miami Beach is picked up by a very enigmatic guy who blackmails her into working for him.

The movie brings Neo-Noir to South Florida with all the reversals and betrayals we've come to expect from the tradition of that genre. Featuring Christopher Walken and Lorraine Bracco as the male and female leads, it was adapted from the novel Ladystinger by Craig Smith III. I've seen it twice and liked it.

Local Public Radio series Under the Sun has won a grant to produce a program about the contemporary South Florida literary scene. It will air on Saturday, June 27 at noon and Sunday, June 28 at 7 pm on Public Radio WLRN 91.3 FM.

On the basis of their Blog, which looks woefully inadequate, I'm not very optimistic. This kind of project is like herding cats, then add a big dose of suburban sprawl. Well, good luck anyway, I guess.

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