Sunday, July 26

Iran's Thriller Script Doctors (6#) -

Hello, Gorgeous! Get Me Rewrite . . .

I happen to catch Ira Glass's
NPR radio program at noon on Saturday.

The first segment featured Omid Memarian describing the circumstances of his False-True Confession in Iran.

It all started because of the No Fly List.

But the preliminary version was beaten out of him by the regime's thugs. And, as such, it wouldn't do at all; it was regarded as too prosaic and boring.

So, they called in a Script Doctor to add some pizazz. His assignment was to introduce colorful elements like International Espionage, Conspiracy Theories, and Intrigue to make Omid's "confession" more entertaining, because it was intended for eventual broadcast to the public.

I've never heard of Script Doctors
being used for torture confessions before.

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"I've spent the last seventeen hours living inside a cyberpunk novel. A libertarian cyberpunk novel. It’s been a weird and awesome experience."

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# Hundreds of demonstrators took part in protests Saturday in Tehran, but police intervened immediately to disperse the crowd, witnesses said. [DPA]

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