Monday, July 6

Mez: Dissonant Chords (4#) -

Meredith Kercher Murder Case -

Defense presented their forensic expert, Prof Carlo Torre, who asserted that, in his view, Meredith was murdered by only one culprit and that the weapon used was much smaller than the one exhibited.

NB: We still don't know what happened to Meredith's rent money or whether Amanda Knox had a similar sum of money in her possession which she cannot otherwise account for.

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Is there a continuous filament to this story?

We don't seem to have a coherent account yet. One fellow has attempted to coordinate transcripts of courtroom testimony with phone records and other evidence to produce an account with some coherence. Finn MacCool is his handle. And his results, up to now, cover only one segment of the story.

In this segment, Amanda Knox makes a gruesome phone call to her mother in the wee hours of the night. In the phone call, Amanda informs Edda that an intruder has been in her cottage and that there is blood in the house. Her mother, Edda, reacts with remarkable calm and advises Amanda to call the police.

Later, in court, Amanda Knox testifies that she has no memory at all of making this phone call, although phone records show that Amanda made the call.

Perhaps, Amanda suffers from Fugue,
which is somewhat like sleepwalking.

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