Friday, August 21

Bookish: GONE

You used to be somebody; right?

Michael Wolff writes about the new Celebrity Culture - it's all about the niche. Outside the niche one favors, no one recognizes celebrities from other niches anymore. [OTG]

# Scott Rosenberg debuts a book
about Blogging called Say Everything.

# Nancy Pearl points out some worthy Mystery Novels
you may have overlooked for summer reads at NPR.

# Graphic Mystery: Hannah Berry's Britten and Brülightly has received some high praise from various critics and readers - worth a shuftie.

# Dr Katherine Ramsland interviews
Dr Michael Stone, author of The Faces of Evil.

# Mansfield Frazier reacts to Chris Hedges' recent book, Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle. [TDB]

# Jim Born, a Florida author and Blogger, worries
that readers are becoming an endangered species.