Friday, August 28

Cartoon Characters Revolt -

Iran's Green Velvet Plot -

In a boffo blog entry by Robert Mackey . . .

he tells us about an Iranian government PSA - and it doesn't get better than this, folks. I'll bet some of my readers thought I was exaggerating about this fairytale plot. Well, it turns out that my imagination simply pales in comparison to what they've actually dreamt up:

In the PSA... computer animated versions of John McCain and George Soros are shown meeting inside the White House to plot against Iran. The evil genius they confer with is an animated version of Gene Sharp, the political scientist whose theoretical work on nonviolent protest inspired the color revolutions of Eastern Europe. Iranian hard-liners are now trying to convince the public that that is the kind of plot the government is facing.

"the kind of plot the government is facing"

What - a plot by cartoon characters???


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