Saturday, August 8

Iran: Radioactive Madmoiselle (7#) -

Green Velvet Plot -

Clotilde Reiss, the French teacher, apologized to the Iranian people and to the court for her alleged transgressions.

"Her father is a member of France's Nuclear Energy Commission and her mother is a member of the French Army." [fars]

"Reiss... told the court that she had written about Iran's nuclear power program as well as the post-vote developments for the French embassy, the official Islamic Republic News Agency reported." [irantv]

There seems to be a dispute at this point about whether or not she wrote a research paper about "Iran's controversial nuclear program."

A Vast Foreign Conspiracy
Against Iran - How Vast Was That Conspiracy?

In a vague and rambling indictment ...[which]... went on to blame a litany of Western intelligence agencies, media organizations, and software companies - including Israel's Mossad spy agency, Facebook, Twitter, Voice of America, BBC Persia, and even Google's new Persian-to-English translation software - for their roles in the supposed vast conspiracy. [time]

The West also allegedly provided "rioters" with Twitter, Facebook, Persian-language translation software and access to "advanced software" that enabled people to watch Internet videos despite low bandwidth, according to the indictment. --Borzou Daragahi [LAT]

President Ahmadinejad complained today that he continues to be the target of "psychological warfare" from that vast conspiracy.