Monday, August 17

The Trouble This Time (8#) -

Iran's Green Velvet Plot -

Someone doesn't want people to read this:

The Monday edition of Karoubi's newspaper Etemad-e Melli has been spiked by order of Prosecutor Mortazavi's office. Tuesday's edition is only iffy at this point.

# Sprung: French teacher Clotilde Reiss has been released from Evin Prison on bail of $300,000. She is staying in the French Embassy in Tehran pending verdict.

Flashback: In the Summer of 2003, Zahra Kazemi, a 54-year-old Canadian photographer, was arrested for taking photos while she was visiting Iran; she was imprisoned in Evin Prison where she was severely beaten and died while still in custody. Cause of death: fractured skull as a result of being hit in the head. Her death is widely regarded as a state-sanctioned murder.

# Another batch of defendants
were put in the dock on Sunday.

"The detainees' confessions reveal that this plot had been planned years ago and the recent election was only an excuse to carry it out," it said, according to IRNA.

Once upon a time... in a far away land... a wizard put a magic spell on a couple of hundred activists in Iran...

# A Washington-based dissident,
Moshen Sazegara, supports and advises the protesters.

# "Along with common young and innocent protesters, the smartest and brightest technicians of the reform movement have been arrested... The Green movement is ours. It is not foreign and it is here to stay."

# :: Mordad 25 - #56 ::